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Ribbon - Thread -- any long object resembling a thin line; "a mere ribbon of land"; "the lighted ribbon of traffic"; "from the air the road was a gray thread"; "a thread of smoke climbed upward"

Playstation Cheats V - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

Vib Ribbon. Vib Ribbon Cheats and Playstation Cheats also Playstation Codes.

Top Tips for Ribbon-Skipping.

If you're to choose between fast songs or slower songs to play in the background of Vib Ribbon then choose the fast ones. The slower songs may be slightly easier but faster songs bring a lot more obstacles for you to jump, so overall if you pick the fast-moving songs then you're likely to gain more points.

Don't rely on hitting the buttons as quick as you can for the complex shapes. After a few rounds you should be able to memorise the more advanced button combos anyway.

Sometimes the beat or the rythym of the music will persuade you to hit the buttons at the wrong time, although this isn't very common. Either way pay full attention to where Vibri's walking other than the music in the background.

Site written by Tony Logan