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Vandal - Someone who willfully destroys or defaces property

Hearts - Black Maria -- a form of whist in which players avoid winning tricks containing hearts of the queen of spades

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Vandal hearts cheats.

Nova Key.
After killing the Death Ant in the dunes, talk to the woman in the tavern and she will give you the Nova Key.

Earth Key.
Talk to the young man in the tavern at Yuzu. He will tell you that he dropped a weird fruit in a plus sign bog. Pick it up and give it to him. You will then receive the Earth Key.

Mana Key.
At the Prison Fortress, search the ground neat the gate. You will see a small crater, that is where the Mana Key is located.

Chaos Key.
To get the Chaos Key, you need three items: the Macroman, Tarot Card, and the Ramen. The Macroman is found in the northwest corner of Ygdra Canaon. The Tarot Card is found at Basil Gate in the southeast corner,there is an X made of grass there. The Ramen is in the grate on the front car on The Magical Train. Go to Kerachi Village, go to the tavern, and talk to the collector.

Logos Key.
After saving Leena in the Tsukue Plains, return to Frontier Village. Talk to the old man in the Tavern. You will learn that there is something in the center of the lava pond. Go to Smoking Bones Cave, and search the center near the Salamander with a flying character. That is where the Logos Key is located.

Heaven Key.

With all five keys, talk to the weird man in Glasgow City. He will give you the Heaven Key.

Vandal Hearts 2 - Vandal Hearts 2 cheats and Playstation Cheats with Playstation Codes also Playstation Cheat Codes.

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