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Vagrant - Drifter -- a wanderer who has no established residence or visible means of support

Story - Narration, narrative, tale, yarn, recital -- an account describing incidents or events; "after dinner he told the children stories of his adventures"

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Defeating the Titan Boss.
In the third boss of the game, the best weapon of use is the hammer, and hit the left arm (arm that has "emet" written in it.

Unlimited Human Class Experience for your Weapons.
Early in the game, immediately after defeating the Minotaur Boss and receive the Chain ability, an attack dummy will appear in the save room outside the Minotaur's lair. The dummy not only gives you points toward learning new battle abilities, gained by chaining your attacks. It also gives human class experience to the weapon you are usin g as you attack the dummy. It gives the human class experience at the same rate you would get if you were attacking a real human class enemy.

Reset Game.
To reset the game hold L1, L2, R1, R2, start, and select at the same time.

New Areas.
Beat the game to unlock new areas to explore and extra boss battles and a new ending.

Training dummies.
Throughout the game you will find training dummies near save points. These training dummies allow you to practice combos and power-up your weaponry.
The locations of the training dummies are as follows:-
Wine Cellar Blackmarket - Human dummy
Wine Cellar Worker's Restroom - Human dummy
Abandoned Mines B1 The Dark Tunnel - Beast dummy
Catacombs Hall of Sworn Revenge - Undead dummy
City Walls North From Boy to Hero - Phantom dummy
City Walls South The Boy's Training Room - Dragon dummy
Town Center East Gharmes Walk - Evil dummy

Weapon and Shield Combinations.
Combine two Hangane Dubble-Blades to get a Hangane Halberd Weapon.
Combine two Nodachis to get a Rune Blade Weapon.
Combine two Khopeshes to get a Wakizashi Weapon.
Combine an Oval and a Heater to get a Knight shield.

Site written by Tony Logan