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Tekken - Tekken cheats and tekken playstation moves list with tekken moves for tekken characters.

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Playstation Cheats T - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

Fight as Gon.
Complete arcade mode using Doctor Boskonovitch. Then, select arcade mode and press the D-pad off either side of the character selection screen. Alternatively, defeat Gon under "Ball mode" or play survival or force mode until prompted for initials, then enter GON.

Successfully complete the game with ten characters in arcade mode and unlock Tekken Ball Mode. When starting Tekken Ball Mode, your first opponent will be Gon. Defeat him and he will unlocked in all modes.

In round 5 or 6 of arcade mode, get a KO after only losing 5% of your energy. You will fight Gon in the next round. Defeat him and complete arcade mode to unlock him as a playable character. He appears just off to the right of the screen on the top row of characters in arcade mode.

Fight as Disco Gon.
Fight as Gon ten times through the game, then complete Tekken Force Mode four times. Fight as Gon ten times through the game again. If done correctly, Gon will have an afro.

Fight as Queen Nina.
To unlock an extra powerful version of Nina, unlock Doctor Boskonovitch, fight with Nina 500 times. Check this by using the character usage data chart under records in option mode. Then, use King in Tekken Force Mode under the hard difficulty setting. Get to the Darkness stage (Stage 3) and defeat the Boss, which will be Queen Nina. It seems that she can read your mind because she avoids many of your attacks. She will, in some respects, be harder than the final stage (Doctor B.) which makes her extremely difficult to defeat. If you manage to win the battle, continue and complete Tekken Force Mode. Nothing extra will come up on the Tekken Force results screen, but you will find Nina's character Usage Data very hard to beat. Also, Nina will take off a slightly larger amount of energy when fighting against opponents. It is vital you save your progress onto a memory card.

Wave taunt (Julia and Xiaoyu) - Press Triangle + Circle + X.
Butt shake (Anna) - Press Triangle + Square + X.
Sight seeing (Xiaoyu) - Press Square + X + Circle.
Power taunt (Byran) - Press Square + X + Circle.

Infinite combo.
Enter practice mode and select King. Select combo practice and choose combo 1. All you have to do is that combo, but with only I Ali Kick (the sweep-like kick near the end). Then execute the combo repeatedly, with only one Ali Kick at a time. The game will go to a 99 Hit Count, before the counter resets and starts over.

Start taunts.
Hold Triangle or Square before a round for a taunt and X or Square for another taunt.

Tekken 3. Tekken 3 cheats and tekken 3 moves with tekken 3 codes also tekken 3 moves list and tekken 3 cheat codes.

Tekken 3 Cheats and Tekken 3 Codes.

Fight as Anna.
Complete arcade mode with five characters.

Fight as Bryan.
Complete arcade mode with six characters.

Fight as Gun Jack.
Complete arcade mode with three characters.

Fight as Heihachi:
Complete arcade mode with seven characters.

Fight as Juila.
Complete arcade mode with two characters.

Fight as Kuma.
Complete arcade mode once.

Fight as Mokujin.
Complete arcade mode with four characters.

Fight as Panda.
Highlight Kuma at the character selection screen and press Circle.

Fight as Ogre.
Complete arcade mode with eight characters.

Fight as True Ogre.
Complete arcade mode with nine characters.

Fight as Tiger.
Highlight Eddy Gordo at the character selection screen and press Triangle. Alternately, successfully complete the game with eighteen characters.

Fight as Mukojin's Wife.
Highlight Mukojin at the character selection screen and press X or Circle.

Fight As Dr. Boskonovitch.
Finish the Tekken Force Mode 3 times to gain 3 keys. Finish it again until you reach the 5th stage and face the doctor. Beat him and he becomes a selectable character.

Unlocking Gon and Dr. Boskonovitch easily.
Set the game on easy, one round, and unlimited time. Play in arcade mode and on the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh round, allow your opponent to take all but five percent of your health before defeating him. If done correctly, the announcer will say "Great". Gon or Dr. Boskonovitch will be your opponent in the next round. Defeat them to unlock them as playable characters.

Doctor Boskonovitch's Super Doc move.
To make Doctor B. do his Super Doc move (which is not shown in the command list), press Circle + X + Away, then press Up. The doctor should go flying into the air before coming down near his opponent. This move does a surprisingly large amount damage to your opponent.

Hidden characters in Tekken Ball.
If you have unlocked Tekken Ball Mode without unlocking any hidden characters at all (e.g. using a GameShark code), then, including defeating Gon and unlocking him, any other characters you fight in Tekken Ball who you have not previously obtained can be accessed if you defeat them.

Theatre mode.
Unlock each character, including Panda, Tiger, Doctor Boskonovitch, and Gon, and view their endings. The "Disc" and "Sound" options under "Theatre Mode" will now be available.

High School stage.
Unlock Jin or Xiaoyu's extra costume, then get them as challenger in that costume.

Kuma/Panda extended ending.
Complete arcade mode with Panda to view an ending slightly longer than if you used Kuma.

Tiger special ending.
Complete Arcade mode with Tiger (Eddy Gordo's 70's style alter ego) to view an ending.

Record or replay combo.
Enter practice mode and choose the "Freestyle" selection. Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Circle at the freestyle options screen. Then press Down + Select to record or replay a combo.

Alternate introduction sequence.
Complete the game with the ten base characters to view an alternate introduction featuring the characters in their two-player mode costumes. For another alternate introduction, complete the game with all characters including the secret characters.

Alternative Costumes.
Select arcade mode, highlight a fighter on the character selection screen, and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 until the timer reaches zero. Release the buttons when both fighters are displayed.

Basic Costumes.
Go to a character's screen and press X or Circle for the "outfit of their choosing". Press Square or Triangle for their "best training outfit". If the character has a third outfit and you enable it, you can select that instead of "best training outfit" if you press Triangle.

Random select in team battle mode.
Select team battle mode, choose the number of characters for your team, then press Start.

Eddy Gordo's moves.
Bounce Reflector - Up + X + Circle.
Twirl Flip - Forward, Forward + Circle.
Twirl and Left Upper - Forward, Forward + Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square.
Twirl and Right Upper - Forward, Forward + Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle .
Forward Flip Attack - X + Circle.
Jump Slicer - Sidestep + X + Circle.
Twirl and Ground Kick - Forward, Forward + Circle, X.
Kamikaze Air Attack - Forward, Forward, X + Circle.
Dance Floor Combo - Forward + Circle, X + Circle, X + Circle, X + Circle, X + Circle, X + Circle, X + Circle.
Kick Forward Karwheel - Quickly press Back, Circle.
Handstand Kick - Quickly press Forward, Circle.

Yoshimitsu's moves.
Yoshimitsu Sword Slicer - Down/Back + Square.
Meditator Teleport - (During the "Meditation" move) Square or Forward.

Xaioyu and Jin's school outfits.
To play as Jin or Xaioyu in any mode (in their school outfits), highlight charachter and hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and Start until time runs out.

Wooden Mokujin sound.
Hold Down before each round that you use Mokujin.

Escape Backflips.
When playing as Xiaoyu, Nina, Yoshimitsu, Eddy/Tiger, Anna, or Mukojin press Up/Back to do Backflip.

Make Jin a Boss.
Enter arcade mode and play as Heihachi Mishima from the Stage 9 Boss Stage (if available). Reach Stage 9, and because you are Heihachi, you will fight Jin.

Tekken 3 Game Shark Codes.

Tekken 3 Gameshark Codes European and Australian (PAL).
Hit opponent anywhere on screen (both players).
80047802 2400
80047772 2400
80047B1E 2400
Unlimited health player 1.
800A95E6 0082
Unlimited health player 2.
800AAE72 0082
Enable theatre mode.
30097EEF 0003
Enable all movies in theatre.
80097EC0 FFFF
80097EC2 FFFF
80097EC4 FFFF
Enable Tekken ball mode.
30097EEE 0003
Enable all characters.
80097EB8 FFFF
Enable Tiger character. Press Start to choose Eddy.
80097EBC 0382
No health, enemies in Tekken force mode. This code also effects player 2's health in other modes.
800AC6FE 0000

Tekken 3 Gameshark Codes Japanese (NTSC).
Player 1 no energy decrease.
300AAAB6 008C
Player 2 no energy decrease.
300AC342 008C
Press Select for player 1 to win by a knock out:
D00AA0E0 0100
300AC342 0000
Final stage. Do not enable this code in Tekken Force mode.
800B0F44 00A
Unlimited time in Tekken Force mode.
800AF064 0E10
No enemy in Tekken Force mode.
800AC342 0000
800ADBCE 0000
All characters.
800992C8 FFFF
800992CA 001F
All FMV sequences.
800992D0 FFFF
800992D2 001F
800992D5 0109
Ball and Theater modes.
800992FE 0101
Fight as Tiger. Highlight Eddy on the character selection screen and press Start.
800992CC 0102

Action Replay Codes. NOTE: only use the health codes on the specific level or your game might crash.
Hit opponent anywhere on the screen (both players).
80047802 2400
80047772 2400
80047B1E 2400
Infinite health player 1.
800A95E6 0082
Infinite health player 2.
800AAE72 0082
Enable theatre mode.
30097EEF 0003
Enable all movies in theatre mode.
80097EC0 FFFF
80097EC2 FFFF
80097EC4 FFFF
Enable Tekken ball mode.
30097EEE 0003
Enable all characters.
80097EB8 FFFF
Enable tiger characters.
80097EBC 0382
No health enemies in Tekken Force.
800AC6FE 0000

Site written by Tony Logan