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Core - Nucleus, core group -- a small group of indispensable persons or things; "five periodicals make up the core of their publishing program"

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Pilot View
To get a first person perpective view PAUSE then press O + T + START then unpause the game.

Fixed Camera
To fix the camera above the battlefield PAUSE game then press O + X + START, then unpause your game.

Background Change
On the design emblem screen press L1 + R1 + SELECT after your have made your design. Your emblem should appear instead of the usual black background.

Losing Bonus
If you lose the game by amountig debts in excess of 50000 Choam the game will show a short FMV sequence and then restart. You should start the game with a new mech with bonus items to make the game slightly easier next time round.

Nuclear Weapon
At the main menu press X, O, TRIANGLE, S, O, X, TRIANGLE, O, X, O, TRIANGLE, START, SELECT.

For No Limit Bonus
Complete over 100 sorties at a win rate of over 90% and an overall rating of 98% or more. You will then be allowed unlimited leg weight points, core weight points, and generator output points so just ignore the overweight warning.

Site written by Tony Logan