WWF Smackdown
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WWF Smackdown Cheats.

Season Extras. Play the following number of seasons to earn extras Create A Superstar Mode.

1 - Ivory
2 - Prince Albert
3 - Jacqueline
4 - Viscera
5 - 80 creation points
6 - Mideon
7 - Pat Patterson
8 - Gerald Brisco
10 - 90 creation points
20 - 100 creation points

Extra Wrestlers.
Complete these exact routes through the pre-season to get the relevant wrestlers characteristics in the Create a Supersta Mode. NOTE: to lose matches quickly leave the ring and wait until you are counted out. If this doesn't work just do nothing and get beaten up.

Stephanie McMahon
Lose first 5 matches
Say thanks to Debra
Lose next 2 matches
Tell Hardys to shut up
Lose next 3 fights
Tell Godfathers to shut up
Lose Royal Rumble
At next show triple H tells you to attack Vince McMahon: say no
Lose next match
Say thanks to Vince and Stephanie.

Steve Richards and New Steve Austin
Win first 6 matches
Lose next match against Mankind
Win next 2
Tell Kane to shut up
Lose Royal Rumble
Chyna tells you to attack Ken Shamrock: say noand you will be attacked by her and X-pac
Win next match The Big Bossman tells you to attack the Big Show: say no
Now win the next 3 matches.

New Rock and the Blue Meanie
Lose your fist 4 matches
win the next
Tell Debra to shut up
Win next 4
Now Royal Rumble.
Next month the Boss Man attacks Al Snow and you save him
Al Snow thanks you and you tell him not to worry
Beat him
Say thanks to HHH, Mr Ass and Road Dog
Win final Tag Match.

Backstage Areas.
In Anywhere Fall match press O (to whip your opponent) near the arena entrance to access the backstage areas.

More Weapons.
In Anywhere Fall match you can get more objects by whipping wrestlers in to things in the backstage areas. Example in the car park whip your opponent into the ambulance to get a stretcher. Try it see what you get.

Climb Out of Cage.
Go near cage, press R1 and when you have climbed a short distance repeatedly press UP.

Site written by Tony Logan