WCW Mayhem
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Mayhem - The willful and unlawful crippling or mutilation of another person

Playstation Cheats W - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

WCW Mayhem. WCW mayhem cheats and wcw mayhem codes with wcw mayhem cheat codes and codes for wcw mayhem.

WCW Mayhem Cheats.

Hidden Wrestlers And Rooms.
All backrooms - CBCKRMS

All hidden wrestlers - PLHYDNGYS

Qftb cheat - CHT4DBST

Doppleganger mode play as same wrestlers - DPLGNGRS

Classic nitro set - PLYNTRCLSC

Move up in rank - CHT4DBST

No stamina meter - PRNTSTMN

Obese Billy Kidman - NGGDYNLN

Pay Per View Codes. Enter these Codes as a PPV password.
World War III - yKh#J$=JQLmFs Note: This code is longer than the top line. Press Right after entering the "Q" to advance to the next line.

Great American Bash 2000 PPV - BKmhK*DJ9kB*X

Halloween Havoc PPV - td^pKRmZ-
Starcade PPV - @KcXKF=W?j^pF

Souled Out PPV - kJKlttCy795H

Spring Stampede 2000 PPV - @JHklBwfQQF

SuperBrawl 2000 PPV - rJPmB6lfMlk$B Note: l is a lower-case L.

WCW Spring Stampede PPV - @JHkfylBwfQQF

Thursday Thunder PPV - PLYHDNGYS

WCW Slamboree 2000 PPV - JmhK9gt*C6pD

WCW Great American Bash PPV - BKmhK*DJ9kB*X

WCW Mayhem Codes.

WCW Mayhem Gameshark Codes North American NTSC version.
All wrestlers
Player 1 instant win
D009E988 0001
800F9BF0 0001
D009E988 0001
800F9BF4 0200
Player 1 full meter
D008AB3C 0001
800F9A820 05D
D008AB3C 0001
800F9A84 005C
Player 2 full meter
D008AB3C 0001
800F9A82 0000
D008AB3C 0001
800F9A84 0000
Player 1 full strength
D008AB3C 0001
800F9A80 0575
Player 1 low strength
D008AB3C 0001
800F9A80 0000
Player 2 full strength
D008AB3C 0001
800F9C20 0575
Player 2 low strength
D008AB3C 0001
800F9C20 0000
Call-In full strength
D008AB3C 0001
800F9DC0 0575
Call-In low strength
D008AB3C 0001
800F9DC0 0000
Maximum strength
D009F738 0002
80186824 0009
Maximum impact
D009F738 0002
8018B894 0009
Maximum speed
D009F738 0002
8018E0E4 0009
Maximum quickness
D009F738 0002
80190934 0009
Maximum aerial
D009F738 0002
80193184 0009
Maximum mat ability
D009F738 0002
801959D4 0009
Maximum submission
D009f738 0002
80198224 0009
Maximum brawling
D009F738 0002
8019AA74 0009
Maximum dirtiness
D009F738 0002
8019D2C4 0009

WCW Mayhem Gameshark Codes European and Australian PAL versions.
Player on left has full momentum meter
800F9D1A 0000
800F9D1C 0000
Player on right has full momentum meter
800F9D1A 00FF
800F9D1C 00FF

Site written by Tony Logan