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Twisted Metal 4. Cheats, codes, cheat codes, moves, secrets, unlock bosses and hints.

Twisted Metal 4 hints.


Level Secrets

Construction Yard

Destroy the door on the crane in the middle of the map. You can control the crane by getting inside and then pressing the X button when a car moves inside the target area. Make sure to drop them in the fire area. When you come to the area where there are 3 rooftop ramps, choose the far left one and it will take you to a conveyor belt with full health on it. After going to the other side of the belt, there is an object on the ground which can be blown up, revealing a secret basement.

Neon City

Follow the train tracks up to the second level. On the same side as the teleport there is a little ramp which you can take to break the glass for some health and a couple of weapon pickups. In that little room shoot the wall panel that is cracked. Once it blows up, there will be a green train icon on the floor. Sit on the icon until you get picked up by the hovering train. It will take you to the secret balcony which has full health and some good weapon pickups.

Road Rage

Look for signs which say East Erie. Follow their pathways until you come to an area where you see a blue glass building behind the concrete roadside. You can blast through this to find full health and good weapon pickups.


Break the lamp to get lightning, and make sure everyone is in the middle before using it. There are several gasoline bottles which can be destroyed to reveal secret passages to full health and good weapon pickups.

Amazonia B.C.

Basically try to go from ramp to ramp until you reach a portal which takes you to the top of the ring area. At the top there is full health, lightning and some other power ups.

Oil Rig

You can destroy the helicopter with an autolob, or some other elevated missile, but it's not advisable. The helicopter drops off a half health every couple of minutes on the pad, but if you destroy it you only get power missiles and a couple of weaker pickups.

Minion's Maze

Everything on this level is at the very top, or in the underground basement. Both are in the middle.


To get inside the ghost house, use something to blast the floor in front of the door. There is also an initialed stone at the bottom near the rollercoaster with a breakaway floor which takes you through a narrow passageway filled with gravestones. The full health is on the rollercoaster, and to get the lightning, turbo off the coaster onto the big top tent. The best way to kill Sweet Tooth is to get the proximity mine pickups and force him to follow you through the ghost house and onto the rollercoaster. Don't try to facec him close up, because his special will take you apart.

Twisted Metal 4 cheat codes.

Input these codes during play
Triangle, L1, Down, Triangle, Up Unlimited special weapons
Right, Triangle, Right, Triangle, L1 CPU only shoots at player 1
L1, Left, Right, Circle, Right Enemy cars ignore health power ups
Down, Triangle, Down, L1, R1 Very little traction
Circle, Start, left, L1, Start Absolutely no health or weapon power ups
Right, Triangle, Right, Triangle, L1

All cars target only human players

R1, Right, Left, R1, Up All power ups are Homing Missiles 
Down, Down, Circle, L1, Left  All power ups are Power Missiles 
Right, Left, R1, Right, Circle All weapon pickups are Napalm
Up, Right, Down, L1, Triangle  All power ups are Remote Bombs 
Triangle, L1, Down, Triangle, Up  Health regenerates faster
Down, Left, L1, Left, Right God Mode
Down, Down, Right, Right, Down One computer ally against two human opponents
Start, Start, Start, Start, Start Activate memory card

Special Moves.
Use these combinations to execute the game's special moves.
Code Move
Left,Right,Up,Up Freeze
Up,Up,Down,Down Hyperspace
Down,Down,Up,Up Invisibility
Up,Up,Left Jump
Up,Down,Up,Down,Up  Massive Attack
Right,Left,Down,Down  Rear Attack
Left,Right,Down,Down  Rear Freeze
Up,Down,Up,Down,Down  Rear Massive Attack
Up,Up,Right  Shield

Unlock Bosses.
Use these codes to unlock the boss cars.
Code Boss
Down, R1, Right, R1, L1 Unlock Crusher
Triangle, L1, L1, Left, Up Unlock Minion
Start, Triangle, Right, L1, Start Unlock Moon Buggy
Up, Down, Left, Start, Right Unlock RC Car
Left, Circle, Triangle, Right, Down  Unlock Super Auger
Up, Right, Down, Up, L1  Unlock Super Axel
Right, L1, Start, Circle, Start Unlock Super Slamm
Circle, Triangle, Start, Circle, Left Unlock Super Thumper
Start, R1, Right, Right, Left Unlock Sweet Tooth
Site written by Tony Logan