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Playstation Cheats T - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

TOCA. Toca touring cars and toca cheats with toca touring car championship also toca touring car cheats.

TOCA touring cars and TOCA cheats.

Enter your name as the following for the effect you want.

JHAMMO - Access all tracks.

CMRAINUP - Rising rain.

CMMAYHEM - Maniac drivers.

CMHANDY - Larger hands on the steering wheel.

CMCATDOG - Raining cats and dogs.

CMUPSIDE - Upside down view.

CMLOWGRAV - Low gravity (cars bounce around).

CMTOON - Cartoon background.

CMDISCO - Disco lighting effect.

TANK - Bonus vehicle that fires shells.

CMCHUN - Bonus Kart.

CMRAIN - Upwards rain.

FLEXMOBILE - More grip.

TOCA 2 - Toca 2 cheats and toca 2 touring cars with toca touring and cheats for toca 2.

TOCA World Touring Cars - TOCA World Touring Cars cheats and TOCA World Touring Cars codes.

Site written by Tony Logan