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Syphon Filter - Syphon filter cheats and syphon filter codes with syphon filter cheat codes also codes for syphon filter.

2 - Tomb Raider 2.

Playstation Cheats S - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

All multiplayer Characters.
In the new york sewer level you get to the checkpoint where you shoot the 4 guys with m-79s. You go up the stairs and shoot the agents. Then when you see a door keep going up the stairs. Shoot the rest of the guys with your m-79. When you reach the top of the stairs there will be a case Open it; it is a m-79, Gabe will say got it. Finish the level and you have all of the characters.

Sniper Rifle On First Level.
On the first level you can control where you land with your parashoot (or however you spell it) now control yourself in the direction of the 3 men and the flares try and land yourself on top or so your hanging off of the cliff right above them and there it is in the ammo box.

Syphon Filter 2. Syphon filter 2 cheats and syphon filter 2 codes with syphon filter 2 cheat codes.

Syphon Filter 2 Cheats.

Expert Mode.
Go to the title scree, highlight the 1 player option and then HOLD Up + L1 + R2 + Select + Circle + X + Square.

Hard Mode.
In the in-game options menu, you can view movies that you have unlocked during your progress through the game. You'll see 2 extra movies that you couldn't get by playing through the first time. To unlock these movies you must play the game in 'HARD' mode and to get this mode, do the following. Go to the title screen and then New Game, press Up+Select+L1+R2+Square+Circle+X at the same time. Finishing certain levels on hard mode unlocks bonus movies.

Super Agent Mode.
Pause game play and highlight the "Weaponry" option. Then hold Select + L2 + Circle + Square + X (in that order). A sound will confirm correct code entry. Enter the options screen and select "Cheats". Super Agent mode allows enemies that have flak jackets to be killed with a single shot.

End Level.
Pause game play and highlight the "Map" option. Then hold Right + L2 + R2 + Circle + Square + X. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Enter the options screen and select "Cheats". This allows the current mission to be successfully completed.

2-Player Arenas And Characters.
There are 10 hidden items that must be picked up in the single player mode to open the 10 locked 2 player arenas. There are 20 Arenas in all. Some of these hidden items, such as the Binoculars, are inventory items and others such as the Girly Mag and Dirty Laundry cannot be seen in your inventory when picked up. There are a total of 28 characters, but only 10 of them are initially available. The other 18 characters are unlocked through 2 secrets in the latter half of the game. What they are is unclear at this time.

More Multiplayer Arenas.
Pharcom Lab Multiplayer Arena. In the expo center level, shortly after passing through the mars exibit, you will come across two gaurds looking at a dirty magazine. Wait a second and kill the guards. When they are both dead collect the dirty magazine to unlock the Pharcom Lab multiplayer arena.

DC Park Multiplayer Arena. In the third last level of the game, Slums, play through for a while until the part where you have to help the swat team kill the snipers. When you get there, there is a building with smoke rising out of the entrance, enter the building. When you enter carefully go up the ramp inside the building until you reach what looks to be old washing machines. After a radio signal, go to the last machine in the row. Press triangle to pick up the dirty laundry. You have now unlocked DC park.

Level Select.
Pause the game, highlight the "Map" option, then hold Right + L2 + R2 + Circle + Square + X (simultaneously). Then, enter the options screen and choose the "Cheats" selection.

Syphon Filter 2 Codes.

Syphon Filter Action Replay Codes.
All cheats and multiplayer items.
8011F770 FFFF
801FF772 FFFF
All weapons and items.
8012A7E4 FFFF
All weapons and items 2.
8012A7E6 FFFF
All levels selectable.
8014B1BC 0015
Expert Mode.
8011F704 0001
Sudden death all enemies.
8011F760 00001
Infinite Ammo.
8012A7F6 FFFF
8012A806 FFFF
8012A80E FFFF
8012A816 FFFF
8012A81E FFFF
8012A826 FFFF
8012A7F2 FFFF
8012A812 FFFF
8012A81A FFFF
8012A822 FFFF
8012A82A FFFF

Extra Gun.
In the first level their is an easier way to get the H11 from under the waterfall. Just simply get as close to the edge as you can, and roll in by using the O button.

Super Agent Mode.
Pause the game. Highlight weaponry, hold L2+select+circle+square+X (simultaneously). If done correctly you should hear a sound. Then go to options and select "cheats".

Get The h11 At Level 1.
At the first level at the beginning (where gabe parachuts) aim the parachute to the rock where the gi is sitting then hit down to get air, you should get on top of the rock where a chest and a h11 are waiting.

Movie Theatre
First pause the game and highlight the Briefing Option. Now hold Right + L1 + R2 + Circle + X. Now go to options and pick the cheats.

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