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Syphon - Siphon, syphon -- a tube running from the liquid in a vessel to a lower level outside the vessel so that atmospheric pressure forces the liquid through the tube

Filter - Removes something from whatever passes through it

Playstation Cheats S - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

Syphon Filter. Syphon filter cheats and syphon filter codes with syphon filter cheat codes also codes for syphon filter.

All Weapons and Unlimited Ammo.
Pause the game whilst playing, highlight Weapons, then hold RIGHT + L1 + L2 + R2 + O + X. Only the weapons currently in the given level will become available.

All Weapons and Unlimited Ammo For The NTSC Version.
Pause the game whilst playing, highlight Weapons, then hold RIGHT + L2 + R2 + O + SQUARE + X. Only the weapons currently in the given level will become available.

Level Select.
Pause the game whilst playing, highlight Select Mission, then hold LEFT + R1 + L1 + SELECT + SQUARE + X.

Weaker Opponents.
Pause the game whilst playing, highlight Map and press RIGHT + L2 + R1 + X.

Silenced 9mm Power-Up.
Pause the game whilst playing, highlight Silenced 9mm under the Weapons Option, then press LEFT + L1 + R2 + SELECT + SQUARE + X.

Survive a Burning.
When you catch fire, quickly press START, then START again.

X-Ray Vision.
Utilise the virus scanner to look through walls for enemies.

Expert Mode.
At the Title screen, highlight New Game and hold LEFT + L1 + R2 + SELECT + SQUARE + O + X. If done correctly, you will hear damn it.

Theater Mode.
Level One, go to the theatre and stand right in front of the doors, press START and highlight the Maps screen. Press and hold Right + L2 + R1 + X. You will hear "Got it" and the doors will open. Press X to skip and START to quit.

View FMV Sequences.
On the 1st level enter the bar and then shoot the geezer in the small crate room. Then smash the and climb through the the window and head down the passage to the the cinema (where you can find the Sniper Rifle). Stand in the middle doorway then pause the game. Now select Options and highlight the sound option (mono/stereo). Press and hold SELECT, SQUARE, L", R2, X, then Gabe will say "got it" if the cheat has worked. Unpause the game and go into the cinema then go into the curtained room to view the sequences X will skip to next movie and START will exit.

Syphon Filter 2 - Syphon filter 2 cheats and syphon filter 2 codes with syphon filter 2 cheat codes.

Syphon Filter Game Shark Codes.

Syphon Filter Xplorer Codes.
Have all weapons.
Infinite ammo weapons.
Open all levels.

Syphon Filter Actio Replay Codes. Use only one max health code at a time, these codes will occasionally fail.
Have all weapons.
80116C20 FFFF
80116C22 FAFF
Infinite ammo weapons.
8012FC5E 0063
8012FC76 0063
8012FC7E 0063
8012FC8E 0063
8012FCA6 0063
8012FC6E 0063
8012FC86 0063
8012FC9E 0063
8012FC6A 0063
8012FC72 0063
8012FC7A 0063
8012FC82 0063
8012FC8A 0063
8012FCAA 0063
8012FCBA 0063
8012FC9A 0063
Open all levels.
80146E16 0B14
Max health Georgia.
801A8A52 0258
Max health destroyed subway.
801A2EE2 0258
Max health main subway line.
801C7342 0258
Max health Washington Park.
801AA4AE 0258
Max health Freedom Memorial.
801C048E 0258
Max health Expo Centre reception.
801AC26E 0258
Max health Expo Centre Binorama.
801A9FCA 0258
Max health Rhoemers base.
EO1A98E7 0002
801A98E7 0258
801A93ED 0258
Max health Base Bunker.
801B3BDA 0258
Max health Base Tower.
801C5A52 0258
Max health Base Escape.
801AE0E6 0258
Max health Rhoemers Stronghold.
801AD4D2 0258
Max health Catacombs.
801AD046 0258
Max health Pharcom Warehouse.
801AADA6 0258
Max health Pharcom Elite Guards.
801A3E1A 0258
Max health Stronghold Lower Level.
801AB1B2 0258
801AAA16 0258
Max health Warehouse 76.
E21B744F 0002
801B744E 0258
Max health Silo Access Tunnels.
801A23BA 0258
Max health Tunnel Blackout.
801B0B16 0258
Max health Missile Silo.
801AD686 0258
Stop Clock Countdown.
80117290 0258

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