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South - The region of the United States lying south of the Mason-Dixon line

Park - A large area of land preserved in its natural state as public property; "there are laws that protect the wildlife in this park"

Playstation Cheats S - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

South Park. South park cheats and south park cheat codes with cheats for south park.

South Park Cheats and South Park Codes.

Master cheat.
Select the "Enter Cheat" option from the main menu. Enter ZBOBBYBIRD as a code to unlock all cheat features (all multi-player characters, invincibility, unlimited ammunition, all weapons, and level select) under the "Cheats" option. The name of the cheat will appear to confirm correct code entry. Any cheats that are enabled can be saved during game play.

Chef in multi-player mode.
Enter YLOVEMACHINE as a code.

Wendy in multi-player mode.
Enter BCHECKATACO as a code.

Terrence in multi-player mode.
Enter SRAFT as a code.

Phillip in multi-player mode.
Enter PPHAERT as a code.

Ned in multi-player mode.
Enter JHAWKING as a code.

Mr. Macky in multi-player mode.
Enter ACHEATINGSBAD as a code.

Officer Barbrady in multi-player mode.
Enter DELVISLIVES as a code.

Big Gay Al in multi-player mode.
Enter GOUTRANGE as a code.

Starvin Marvin in multi-player mode.
Enter MSLAPUPMEAL as a code.

Mr. Garrison in multi-player mode.
Enter VDOROTHYSFRIEND as a code.

Pip in multi-player mode.
Enter EFISHNCHIPS as a code.

Jimbo in multi-player mode.
Enter QSTARINGFROG as a code.

Ike in multi-player mode.
Enter HKICKME as a code.

Ms. Cartman in multi-player mode.
Enter KALLWOMAN as a code.

Mephisto in multi-player mode.
Enter NGOODSCIENCE as a code.

Alien Visitor in multi-player mode.
Enter TMAJESTIC as a code.

Different weapons.
While playing any level you can change certain weapons to do different things. For example, press Select while using the dodgeball to change it to the super dodgeball. Press Select when using the snowball to get yellow snow. Press Select when using the warpo ray to get the piranha gun. Press Select when using the sponge dart gun to get the super sponge dart gun. This trick has no effect with the launcher or the chicken sniper rifle.

South Park Rally - South park rally cheats and south park rally codes with cheats for south park rally.

South Park Gameshark Cheats.
8008F994 0001
All Weapons & Infinite Ammo.
800989C8 0107
80098C10 001A
80098C14 000A
Access Multiplayer Characters.
80098264 FFFF
80098266 FFFF
80098BD0 FFFF
Access Episode 1 Stage 4.
80098C1C 00E3
Access Episode 2 Stage 3
80098C1C 00E6
Access Episode 3 Stage 3.
80098C1C 00E9
Access Episode 4 Stage 2.
80098C1C 00EB
Access Episode 5 Stage 3.
80098C1C 00EE

Action Replay South Park Codes.
Infinite Health.
800A55CO 0800
Infinite Dodgeballs.
800872B6 000A
Infinite Ammo For The Sponge Dart Gun.
80087306 000A
Infinite Ammo For The Warpo Ray.
80087356 000A
Infinite Cows For Cow Launcher.
800873CE 000A
Infinite Ammo For The Toilet Plunger Gun.
800872DE 000A
Infinite Terence And Phillip Dolls.
8008732E 000A
Infinite Sniper Chicken Ammo.
8008737E 000A
Instant Bazooka Foam For Dart Gun.
8009EFF0 0005
Infinite Dancing Alien Gizmos.
800873A6 000A
Infinite Armour.
800A14E4 0180
Rapid Fire.
D4000000 0010
8009FFE8 0000
Big Jump.
D4000000 0040
800A5606 0000
Enable All Multiplayer Characters.
80098572 FFFF
80098570 FFFF

Site written by Tony Logan