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Playstation Cheats R - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

Rollcage. Rollcage cheats for the rollcage game including other Playstation Cheats and Playstation Codes.

Unlock Everything.
Enter the password MAXCHEAT to unlock all the leagues, mirror mode, bonus tracks and the extra driver.

Designers lap records.
To add the game developers record lap times to the records list enter the password BESTLAPS.

Come in first place in all tracks in a league.

Mirror Mode.
Win all three leagues.

Bonus Tracks.
There are 2 bonus tracks to unlock in Rollcage and are playable in Time Attack Mode.
Complete the Taurus level on easy and get maximum points to unlock the Superbowl Track.
Complete the Taurus on hard mode with maximum ponts to unlock the Sid Pan Track.

Air Horns.
Enter the password AIRHORNS. Press Select while playing to hear an 80's airhorn.

Enable Hard and Mirror modes.
Enter the password EADNCMAH.

Extra Car.
Complete Taurus on Hard Mode to unlock Yuri's top notch police car.

Mega Time Attack.
Complete Taurus on Expert Level to unlock the Mega Time Attack Mode. Turn it on with the User Settings Screen.

All Leagues Easy.
All Leagues Hard.
All Leagues Expert.

Difficulty Modes.
Complete Taurus on Easy Level to unlock the Hard Mode.

Complete Taurus on Hard Mode to unlock Expert Mode.

To select the new difficulty level go to the user set up screen and choose the difficulty setting that you want.

Site written by Tony Logan