Ridge Racer
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Ridge - A long narrow natural elevation or striation

Racer - Race car, racing car -- a fast car that competes in races

Playstation Cheats R - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

Ridge Racer. Ridge racer codes and ridge racer cheats with Playstation Cheats also Playstation Codes.

Ridge Racer Cheats.

Extra Cars.
Destroy all the ships in the Galaga gamethat appears during the loading time to have eight additional cars. The word "perfect" will appear on the screen to confirm that all the ships were destroyed.

Extra Tracks.
Finish all four tracks in first place to gain access to the same four tracks in reverse.

Flag Trick.
Hold L1, R1, L2 and R2 and use the D-PAD and other controller buttons to rotate and re-size the flag. Press the START button for a transparent flag.

Spinning Cars And Tracks.
Hold L1 or R1 during the car and level select screens to rotate them.

Race On Mirror Image Of Track.
From the selecting line, turn the car around after reaching 60 mph. This should be before the 1st curve on an extra track, or before merging into the main track. Drive through the brick wall that appears at the starting line and race the track backwards.

Drive The Galaxian 13 Car (Black Lambo).
Finish 1st on the 1st 4 tracks. Play the time trial track again and beat the Galaxian car. If the Galaxian 13 car passes your car on the 1st lap it will liea at the side of the raod and wait for you to pass. Remember it will not do this on any remaining laps only the 1st lap. The race must be completed without hitting anything.

Play Your Own CD
Replace the game disc with an audio CD after it reaches the title screen.

Ridge Racer Revolution - Ridge racer revolution and other Playstation Cheats also Playstation Codes and Playstation Cheat Codes.

Ridge Racer Codes.

European and Australian PAL version Gameshark Codes.
Use black car
800856D2 000C
Unlimited time
80136198 099F
More speed
80085770 07FF
More acceleration
80085782 00FF
Beginner level select extra
80085684 0005
High-level select extra
80085684 0007
TT level select extra
80085684 0008
Unlimited time
80136198 0FFF
Always first place
8008579C 0001
Extra cars
800856D2 0FFF
Night time effect
8017C658 0001
Maximum revs
801E0D44 2800

Site written by Tony Logan