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Parasite - Parasite eve cheats and parasite eve codes with parasite eve cheat codes.

Eve - Parasite and eve and parasite eve playstation with parasite eve hints and cheats for parasite eve 1.

Playstation Cheats P - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

Parasite Eve. Parasite eve cheats and parasite eve codes with parasite eve cheat codes also parasite eve game shark codes.

EX Game mode.
Complete the game once to enable an option that allows the game to be played in a new mode. This mode also includes access to the Chrysler Building shortly after Day 2.

Extra points.
Complete one day without saving the game to receive extra BP points when the following day begins.

Extra ammunition.
Return to the police station and open the box inside the weapon storage room to collect 30 bullets. This may be done a total of ten times during the game.

Track the helicopter.
Press Select at the city map screen to track the helicopter as it flies around the city.

Parasite Eve 2 - Parasite eve 2 cheats and parasite eve 2 codes with parasite eve 2 cheat codes.

Japanese NTSC version Gameshark Codes.
999/999 HP
800B84EC 03E7
800B84FC 03E7
Unlimited AT
800B8CF0 7FFF
Unlimited PE
800B84EA 7FFF
Were Attract always 0
800230DC 0000
999 bullet box
800A192E 03E7
99,999 bonus points
800C08D0 869F
800C08D2 0001

Site written by Tony Logan