NHL 99
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Playstation Cheats N - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

NHL 99. NHL 99 cheats and NHL 99 codes WITH cheats for nhl 99 AND codes for nhl 99.

NHL 99 Cheats nad NHL 99 Codes.

Use Alternate Jerseys If Available.
Enter 3RD as a password.

Free EA and EA Storm teams.
Enter FREEEA as a password. The game's developers will also appear on the free agentlist.

EA Blades team.
To play as the EA Blades, enter the password EAEAO.

No goalies.
Enter PULLED as a password.

More fights.
Enter DEATHTOALL as a password.

Stadium introduction sequences. Enter one of the following passwords to view the introduction for the corresponding stadium.
Stadium Password
Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim ANA
FeetCenter, Boston BOS
Marine Midland Arena, Buffalo BUF
Canadian Airlines Saddledome, Calgary CGY
Greensboro Coliseum, Carolina CAR
United Center, Chicago CHI
McNichols Sports Arena, Colorado COL
Reuinion Arena, Dallas DAL
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit DET
Edmonton Coliseum, Edmonton EDM
Miami Arena, Florida FLO
Great Western Forum, Los Angeles LOS
Molson Center, Montreal MON
Nashville Arena, Nashville NAS or NSH
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New York Islanders NYI
Madison Square Garden, New York Rangers NYR
Corel Center, Ottawa OTT
CoreState Center, Philadelphia PHI
America West Arena Phoenix PHO
Civic Arena, Pittsburg PIT
Kiel Center, St. Louis STL
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto TOR
GM Place, Vancouver VAN
MCI Center, Washington WAS

NHL 99 Cheats and NHL 99 Codes.

North American NTSC version Gameshark Codes.
100 points for away team.
80042658 0064
200 points for away team.
80042690 FF38
No talking.
80049950 0001
8004AD06 0001
8004ADE2 0001

Big player mode.
Enter BIGBIG as a password.

Faster game play.
Enter SPEED as a password.

Very fast game play.
Enter SPEEDY as a password.

Super players.
Enter JAY MACDONALD, BRYCE COCHRANE, MARK JOHNSTON or one of the other names in the game credits as a player name.

Full attributes.
Enter GREATSKATE as a password for a player with full attributes.

Animal heads.
Enter MONKEYS as a password.

Big head mode.
Enter BRAINY as a password.

View Stanley Cup FMV sequence.
Enter VICTORY or STANLEY as a password.

Small players with large goalies.
For tiny players and large goalies, enter the password PLAYTIME.

Small players and goalies.
For tiny players, enter the password NHLKIDS.

Site written by Tony Logan