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Metal - Metal gear solid cheats and metal gear solid codes with metal gear solid cheat codes.

Gear - Metal gear solid pictures and cheats for metal gear solid with metal gear solid tips also metal and gear and solid.

Solid - Metal gear solid hints and codes for metal gear solid including metal gear solid pics.

Playstation Cheats M - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

Metal Gear Solid. Metal gear solid cheats and metal gear solid codes with metal gear solid cheat codes.

Metal Gear Solid Cheats and Metal Gear Solid Codes.

Stealth Suit.
Complete the game on the easy setting, after submitting during torture (press the Select button). Octacon will give your character the Stealth Suit after being saved. Allow the credits to complete then save your game. Load the saved game to start the game with the Stealth Suit.

Sucessfully complete the game without submitting to the torture. Your character will save Meryl and will recieve the Bandana. When your character is equipped with the Bandana you will have unlimited ammo on any weapon.

Defeating Psycho Mantis
Plug the controller into port two and press any button before fighting Psycho Mantis. The word "Hideo" will appear in the corner of a black screen. Use controller two to fight against Mantis to keep him from knowing your moves.

Seeing through Psycho Mantis' eyes
When fighting Psycho Mantis, press Triangle to see through his eyes.

Frequencies - You will need to talk to other members of the team. Here are a list of their frequencies.
Deep Throat - 140.48
Master Miller - 141.8
Mei Ling (Game Save) - 140.96
Meryl Silverburgh - 140.15
Naomi Hunter - 140.85
Natasha Romanenko - 141.52
Roy Campbell - 140.85

Box Destinations.
Equip a box while in the trucks to travel to the destination on the boxes.

Annoy Cambell.
Snipe the rats above where you first encounter Wolf or Snipe the ravens when at your second encounter with Raven.

Easier Driving Scene.
To get a better view when shooting at Liquid Snake in the driving scene, hold Triangle while shooting the gun.

Site written by Tony Logan