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Knockout - Smasher, stunner, beauty, sweetheart, peach, lulu, looker, mantrap, dish -- a very attractive or seductive looking woman

Kings - King, male monarch -- a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom

Playstation Cheats K - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

Knockout Kings. Knockout kings cheats and knockout kings codes with knockout kings cheat codes.

Knockout kings cheats and knockout kings codes.

Regain Energy.
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 when given a choice to hit the heavy or speed bag between fights. Two to eight points of energy will be regained, depending on how long the buttons are held.

Fight as a Bear.
Press Right + Square, Right + Triangle, Right + Circle, Right + X at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Select any boxer to fight as a bear.

Big Head Boxers.
Press Left + Circle, Left + Triangle, Left + Square, Left + X at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: This code may only be enabled on custom created boxers.

Taunt Opponent.
Press R1 + R2 + X.
Super Fighter.
Create a career mode boxer with the name PSIRULES, fight one match, save the game, then reload that boxer in career mode.

Knockout Kings 2000 - Knockout kings 2000 cheats and knockout kings 2000 codes with codes for knockout kings 2000.

Knockout Kings 2001 - Knockout kings 2001 cheats and knockout kings 2001 codes with cheats for knockout kings 2001.

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