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Playstation Cheats G - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

Cheats for Gran Turismo 1 and 2. Cheats for getting your hands on a range of limited edition cars, get access to a bonus FMV sequence and more.

Gran Turismo Cheats

Bonus FMV Sequence In Arcade Mode.
Select arcade mode, obtain the bonus tracks, then finish in first place on all tracks with any car. This must be done in A, B, and C class mode under the normal or higher difficulty setting. A "Staff Video" option will now appear under "Bonus Items".

Replay Controls.
Press CIRCLE to toggles the movie-style camera view and the in car view. Press SQUARE to toggle the camera distance from the car (while in the in car view). Press X to toggle replay data.

Chrysler Concept Car.
The easiest way to get the Concept Car is to get all gold medals on the B-Class license tests. The original red Concept Car will appear in your garage. When you complete the UK vs. US race in first place under the "Special Events" menu, you normally will get an A spec Mazda RX7 LM Edition. However, if you are lucky you may instead get a dark purple Dodge Concept Car with a greater horsepower of 560hp.

Nissan Nismo 400 R.
Get all gold medals in the International A license test.

Toyota Chaser LM Edition.
Race in the GT Cup in the GT league menu and finish in first place for the championship. Look in your garage for a limited edition black Toyota Chaser with 655hp. If you finish first in the GT Cup again, it is possible the Chaser will be blue.

TVR Cerbera LM Edition.
Enter the UK vs. Japan race under the "Special Events" menu. A Japanese car is recommended. Finish first place in the championship. Look in your garage for a limited edition Cerbera with 581hp.

Duplicate parts.
Purchase two identical cars. They may be given different color schemes if desired. Buy as many parts as desired for the first car. View the list of fitted parts of the first car from the garage. Switch to the second car, get inside, and view its fitted parts list, which should be empty. While remaining in the second car, enter a spot race. At the qualify options, select "Machine Setting", then "Change Parts". All the parts from the first car should be available. Exit the race and return to the garage. View the list of fitted parts for both cars to see that all desired parts have been duplicated. Note: Only items available on the "Change Parts" menu may be duplicated. This trick will not work on cars that have been awarded.

Gran Turismo 2 - Most of the information is mostly hints and tips, rather than actual cheats. Like what cars you can win and unlock when doing certain race events etc.

Nissan Skyline an absolute beast of a car one of the fastest in Gran Turismo (Click to enlarge).

High Resolution Mode.
Earn your International A License, then enter the GT League and win all four cups, including the GT World Cup. Alternatively, successfully complete all arcade mode tracks under the hard difficulty level.

Mitsubishi Lancer (click to enlarge).

Chevrolet Camaro 30th Anniversary.
Finish the GT League Clubman Cup first in the championship with any car. The 30th anniversary model of the Z28 will appear in your garage.

CRX Del Sol LM Edition.
Finish first in the Japan vs. UK under "Special Events".

Dodge Viper GTS-R.
Finish in first in the US vs. Japan race under the "Special Events". The GTS-R will appear in your garage.

Arcade Mode Bonuses.
The following items are awarded in arcade mode after winning each track.
Track. Bonus.
High Speed Autumn Ring
Trial Mountain Deep Forest
Grand Valley East SS R5
Clubman Stage 5 Grand Valley Speedway
Autumn Ring Toyota cars
Deep Forest Subaru cars
SS R5 The New Dodge cars
Grand Valley Speedway TVR cars

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