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97 - Formula 1 97 Playstation Cheats and FIFA 97 Codes.

Playstation Cheats F - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

FIFA 97. Fifa 97 cheats and fifa 97 codes.

Instant Replay Zoom.
Enter the instant replay sequence during game play, then hold R1 and press the D-pad to change the magnification of the replay.

Moving Shadows.
Enter the instant replay sequence during game play, then hold L1 and press the D-pad.

EA Players.
Select a friendly match, choose the USA league, and play as Dallas or New York to find members of the EA development team.

Hidden Audio.
Insert the game disc into an audio CD player. Play track six to hear singing by John Motson, a member of the EA development team.

When running up the wing with the ball and an opposing player close to you: run as normal, stop for half a second, then carry on. The player should then try to tackle you where you were standing when you stopped.

Shoot on the run using Square and hold Left or Right. The ball will veer off to the right or left when it bounces, totally foxing the goal keeper. This only works if you shoot from about 25 yards out. Too far out and the shot is not hard enough. Too close in and the keeper can read it. It works best if you get it right on your first shot of the game. This trick works for nationals, internationals and custom matches.

Get between the defenders and the keeper, as the keeper advances, shoot using Circle and hold Left or Right. Time it right and you will beat the keeper every time.

Easy Goal.
This trick works best in indoor matches. Shoot from far, but pack the area with your forwards. Either they will then finish for you or the keeper will be distracted and the ball will sail in.

Scoring from opposing side's goal kick If you stand in front of the keeper the ball should rebound off you straight into the net.

Site written by Tony Logan