Dino Crisis 2
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Dino Crisis - Dino Crisis Cheats and Dino Crisis Codes with Dino Crisis Cheat Codes and Cheats For Dino Crisis.

2 - Tomb Raider 2.

Playstation Cheats D - Playstation Cheats and Playstation Codes with Playstation Cheat Codes.

Dino Crisis 2. Dino crisis 2 cheats and dino crisis 2 codes with cheats for dino crisis 2.

Dino Coliseum.
Complete the game once. The Dino Coliseum allows you can fight against all of the dinosaurs from in the game in a coliseum arena.

Extra Dino Duel Dinosaurs.
Purchase Rick, Gail and the Tank for the "Extra Crisis" games. Another set of dinosaurs will appear at the character selection screen for purchase.

Unlimited Ammo.
Complete the game after collecting all eleven Dino files. The EPS Platinum card will appear at the save game screen. Unlimited ammunition will be available the next time the game is played.

Triceratops and Compsagnathus.
Buy all the other characters and dinosaurs for the Dino Coliseum and Dino Duel. The Triceratops and the Compsagnathus will be unlocked in hard mode.

Buying Characters.
The following characters and dinosaurs can be purchased for use in the Coliseum or Dino Duel.
Character Extinct Points
Rick 100,000
Gail 100,000
Tank 120,000
Oviraptor 150,000
Velociraptor 150,000
Inostrancevia 160,000
Allosaurus 180,000
Tyrannosaurus Rex 150,000
Triceratops 200,000
Compsognathus 250,000

Site written by Tony Logan