Dino Crisis
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Dino - Dino Crisis Cheats and Dino Crisis Codes with Dino Crisis Cheat Codes and Cheats For Dino Crisis.

Crisis - Dino Crisis Hints and Codes For Dino Crisis with Dino Crisis Tips for Dino Crisis Playstation.

Playstation Cheats D - Playstation Cheats and Playstation Codes with Playstation Cheat Codes.

Dino Crisis. Dino Crisis Cheats and Dino Crisis Codes with Dino Crisis Cheat Codes and Cheats For Dino Crisis.

Alternate costumes.
Complete the game to unlock the Army and Battle costumes for Regina. Then successfully complete the game a second time to unlock the Ancient (caveman) costume.

Grenade Gun.
Complete the game three times. The grenade gun with unlimited ammunition will be available at the start of the next game.

Operation: Wipe Out Mode.
Successfully complete the game with a time under 5 hours.

Design Disc Code.
When at the part of the game where this sound is heard after pushing the shelf, enter 367204 as a code.

DDK Codes.
The "N" DDK code is "NEWCOMER" and the "L" DDK code is "LABORATORY".

Dinosaurs can not get through shutters, close the shutters as you go through them. This way you can stop dinosaurs from getting to you. Not if they are on the same side of the shutters as you of course.

Save Ammo.

There are some areas that you will only pass through once or twice in the entire game. Killing the dinos in these areas is pointless; more importantly, it is a waste of ammo. Use the weakest tranquilizer dart on it/them, and move on. This way, the other ammo you are carrying are available when you need them. Once you get unlimited grenades (by completing the game three times under the normal difficulty setting), you can kill those dinos, without wasting ammo.

Dino Crisis 2 - Dino crisis 2 cheats and dino crisis 2 codes with cheats for dino crisis 2.

Site written by Tony Logan