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Cool Boarders - Cool Boarders Cheats and Cheats For Cool Boarders Playstation with Cool Boarders Tricks Playstation Cheats.

2 - Tomb Raider 2.

Playstation Cheats C - Playstation Cheats and Playstation Codes with Playstation Cheat Codes.

Cool Boarders 2. Cool Boarders 2 Cheats and Cool Boarders 2 Codes with Cool Boarders 2 Moves.

Cool Boarders 2 Cheats and Cool Boarders 2 Codes.

To play as Alien and Snowman.
Complete all 100 moves in master mode; set all records in Freestyle mode.

Alternatively achieve a score of 40.0 on the Halfpipe.

Play as Boss.
Complete the Mirror Mode in First Place.

Bonus Boards.
Enter Freestyle Mode with all the tracks. Set the top record for all the tracks.

Mirror Mode.
Complete Snowboarding Combined Mode and then enter the options screen. Then press select on controller number 2, then press R1 + SQUARE at the mode selection screen.

Playing as the Bosses.
Play as Alien (Grey) - you have to score more than 40 on the Halfpipe.

Play as Snowman - you have to do all 100 moves in Master Mode successfully.

Play as Boss - To play as the Hardcore Boss; you have to come first in the Mirror Mode championship. You can then play him in Freestyle Mode.

Mirrored Tracks - To play the tracks Mirrored you have to come first in competition mode.

Extra Track - To get the tenth course "Dive into the cave" you have to complete all 100 tricks in Big Air or Master Mode.

Extra Boards.
Freestyle SP Board - complete Freestyle mode in first place for the Trick category on at least 5 courses. The board can be in all modes except for Competition mode.

All Round SP Board - complete Freestyle mode in first place for the Total Category on at least 5 courses. You cannot use the board in Competition or Halfplipe modes.

Alpine SP Board - complete Freestyle mode in first place for the Time Category on at least 5 courses. You cannot use the boardin Competition or Halfpipe modes.

Hard mode.
Come first in the Mirror Mode competition to make the game harder.

Combo Moves
Remember you can use any move in any order to achieve combination moves these will give you even more points to try and get ahead of the leader board.

The Moves
The following moves will help you get a good head start in this game where your timng has to be spot on to pull off the complex moves.

U = UP

Spinning Moves
Rotating your character whilst in the air gains you loads of points and looks good. To pull this off you have to keep your X button held down along with the direction you want turn. The longer you hold down the X button and the direction button the faster and longer you will turn. By holding down the X and directio button from the start of a ramp you can normall get a score of over 500 points this should put you at least 4th in the rankings. The sort of spin you try to do affects the points that you score as well.

Left Spin = L + X
Right Spin = R + X
Forward Roll = U + X
Backward Roll = D + X
Misty (UDR or UDL) + X
Reverse Misty (DDL or DDR) + X

Moves for success on the Half pipe
Shifty = L1
Lien Air = D, R1
Method = D, L2
Stalefish = D, R2
Mute Grab = U, R1
Indy Grab = U, R2
Shuffle = L1, L2
Tail Grab = D, D,n R2
Nose Grab = U, U, R1
Stiffie = U, R1, L2
Melancholy = D, R1, L2
Indy Nosebone = U, R2, L2
Tweak = D, R1, L1

Board Grabbing Techniques
When you perform tricks in the air you can grab hoold of the board. More points can be gained for the length of time you are in the air and the and the lenght of time you hold the board.

Towards Edge - L or R + X (turn towards side of ramp)
Towards Centre Spin - L or R + X (turn towards centre of ramp)
Johan Flip - U + X
Back Flip - D + X
Johan Twist - UDL or UDR + X
McTwist - DDR + X
Crippler - DDL + X

Alternate Costumes.
Highlight the Big Air option on the main menu and press D, R1 U, R1, D, R2, U, R2, U, U, R1, D, D, R2 Cindy will now be wearing a skimpy leather costume. Irin wears a school uniform except in competition mode. You can alter the outfits by pressing X and moving L or R.

Site written by Tony Logan