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Breath of Fire

3 - Cheats for tomb raider 3 and tomb raider 3 hints with codes for tomb raider 3 and tomb and raider and 3 also tomb raider 3 cheats.

Playstation Cheats B - Playstation Cheats and Playstation Codes with Playstation Cheat Codes.

Breath of Fire 3. Breath of fire 3 cheats and breath fire 3 with breath of fire 3 codes also breath of fire 3 hints.

More Fairies.
Get the Fairie Taria from the three Fairies after you fix the lighthouse. To get more Fairies, place them in the hunting section. Note: For this to work you have to go there after you are older (when Garland tried to kill you, and you disappeared).

Faster Results at the Fairy Village.
Set up the way that you prefer. Leave the village and fight to accumulate battles (about thirty). Then, return and check the message board to view the results.

Unlimited Life Shards.
Life Shards can increase your HP. To obtain more, get Rei in your party and fight a Gootitan. Use Rei's Pilfer until a Life Shard is obtained. Then, repeat to collect as many shards as desired.

Unlimited Magic Shards.
To obtain more, get Rei in your party and fight a Revenant. Use Rei's Pilfer until a Magic Shard is obtained. Then, repeat to collect as many shards as desired.

Holy Avenger.
Defeat the Archmage to get the Holy Avenger, which is Rei's strongest weapon. It is worth 20,000 gold.

Challenging Battle.
Get all characters over level 45 and walk in the container yard where they can fight Archmages and Berserkers. Equip Thunder Rings and Soul Gems against Archmages and Fire Rings and Soul Gems for Berserkers. Berzerkers are worth 10,000 EXP and Archmages are worth 16,000 EXP.

After getting Momo back when your an adult, go to Dauna Mine. There is a room behind the location where the Dragon Zombie was fought. Have Momo blast the weakened wall at this location to get the coupons inside. Equip it to get a 10% discount on all items that are bought.

You can learn Lavaburst from Vulcans (inside Mt. Zublo near Raphala Region).This attack is strong and powerful. The Vulcans will only use it when they begin to move.

Manly Clothes.
Manly clothes, when equipped on characters that can wear them, will restore full life just as a Soul Gem does when the character faints. You can purchase them in Syn City, but only Ryu, Rei, and Garr can wear them. This is useful during battles with Berserkers and Archmages. The man telling you about Ashura's Sword is who you should talk to. They are also cheaper with coupons.

Ring Of Fire.
The Ring Of Fire can be obtained inside Mt. Zublo. It will absorb fire attacks as HP.

Easily defeat Guardian Gaist.
The confrontation with the sole living guardian besides Garr can be made simpler by getting rid of the two torches on either side of Ryu. At first it seems that they just replenish 25HP to Gaist, however they also make his fire-based attacks much more deadly. Note: For a very easy battle, have Ryu equip something that absorbs Fire-based attacks.

Easily defeat the Dragon Zombie.
Battling with the Dragon Zombie after Ryu becomes older is almost always a tough battle because of its poisoning ability, Bone Dance. To quickly destroy this monster have Ryu cast all his best heal spells on the creature. This trick will work on any undead creature, except for vampires. Note: Do not use healing items such as herbs or vitamins as they will give HP back to the zombies.

Control the Kaiser form.
Usually, Ryu will not have control of the Kaiser. Select Infinity + Trance + Radiance for it to work correctly.

The Infinity + Trance + Radiance genes are rather costly and will quickly eat up your AP. If you use Failure + Infinity, you will still have a controllable Kaiser form at nearly half the AP cost, although Kaiser Breath looks slightly different.

Easy experience.
Later in the game, develop the fairy village until a copy shop is available. Copy an Ivory Dice until twelve of them are created. Use those dice on an enemy during a battle (for example, the Titan Goo's at Syn City area). Depending which enemy is attacked, 20,000 to 80,000 experience points may be obtained. Using the Ivory Dice in battle increases the amount of experience points that are gained. Using it once doubles the points gain, twice quadruples the points gain, and three times multiplies it by eight.

Easy Zenny.
When you reach the factory, walk around until you fight the gold eggs. Defeat them to get little experience but a lot of money. This ranges from 10000 to 15000 Zenny. The easiest way to defeat them is to use Rei's Weretiger.

When you are training Beyd in Rhapala, he will give you 1,000 Zenny to buy equipment for him. Do not purchase anything for him. Go to the first training session and confess you have nothing for him to use. He will give you another 1,000 Zenny/ You may repeat this as many times as need.

Easily defeat Ghosts.
Use Heal on the Ghosts in McNeil Manor to defeat them easily. This also is effective on the McNeil boss.

Site written by Tony Logan