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Sony Playstation Cheats - Sony Playstation Cheats and Sony Playstation Codes with Sony Playstation Cheat Codes.

3xtreme. 3extreme Cheats and 3extreme Codes with Codes For 3extreme.

3extreme Cheats.

3xtreme Cheat Codes.
At the main menu highlight memory card and press LEFT or RIGHT then select the codes you want. You can now enter any of the following heat codes.
Effect Code
All exhibition tracks VOYEUR
All freestyle tracks TRIXXY
Play as Bink BINK
Play as Nyub NYUB
Play as Geep GEEP
Play as Lugnut LUGNUT
Play as Dominique DOMINIQUE
Play as TP TP
All alien characters ASTROMEN
All monster characters SCREAM
All human characters RATPACK
All characters GENEPOOL
Play as red car REDCAR or REDLINE
Play as blue car BLUECAR or BLUELINE
Play as whit car WHITECAR or WHITELINE
All cars SMOKEY

Haunted Mansion Track.
Complete the pro circuit with any character to unlock this track in freestyle mode.

Site written by Tony Logan